[REVIEW] Warlord Belt – MEGINGJÖRD Edition

Concealed Carriers go through a constant struggle to find the right equipment for their Every Day Carry.  This gear can range from the important stuff like a proper holster, additional magazine pouch, to the right clothing to wear.  One particular clothing item a lot of concealed carriers get hung up over is a proper gun belt.

It’s a difficult task to properly balance comfort and concealment.  I’d be more than happy to go about my day wearing a load-bearing vest and thigh holster though such attire may be frowned upon by the general public.  As such, I’m forced to explore other avenues of comfortable concealment.

Common Issues With Other Gun Belts

I’ve tried many belts; retail store purchased leather belts, cotton webbing, and nylon webbing.  I’ve even gone as far as trying out some popular tactical belts and have encountered the same result:

  • The buckle loosens under the weight of my firearm and magazine pouch.
  • It rides too low on my hips and causes discomfort.
  • The belt eventually stretches.

I’ve even tried switching to a lighter and smaller firearm with little to no change in the belts ability to remain in place and comfortable.  Understand, sometimes sacrifices must be made in order to exercise your second amendment right.

Through sheer coincidence – or was it fate? – I received a coupon in the mail for a company I’d never heard of before called Stormrider Gear.  As chance would have it, they are a small private business that specializes in the manufacturing of various types of tactical belts.  After a great deal of research, reading reviews and examining their website, I decided to give the belt a try.

The coupon was a discount on one of their newly designed belts, aiming more towards casual wear but still boasting durability and comfort while maintaining its ability to hold weight. Although I was very impressed with their other belts designed more towards competition shooting and other tactical uses, I decided I wanted to try this more casual belt to serve as my EDC belt.

Stormrider’s Warlord Belt – Rigid, Reliable, Rugged

Finally the belt arrived, and since then I haven’t used another belt.  It has fully met and exceeded my expectations.


The belt is most accurately described by their website, stating the inspiration comes from a Nordic design. The durability of the belt is obvious upon first inspection. You can feel it in the stitching and the strength of the material a lot of care and consideration was taken in the creation of the belt. I’ve taken note on several occasions that no matter what activity I partake in, the loop never loses retention.

I put the belt through several different load-outs of varying size and weight and can happily state the security of the belt hasn’t wavered.


Stormrider Warlord Belt – MSRP $44.99 – 49.99 (Depending On Color)

Rating is based on a scale of 1 to 5 with 3 being industry standard.

  • Comfort: 4.5
  • Concealability: 4.7
  • Reliability: 4.9
  • Rigidity: 5.0
  • Buckle: 5.0
  • Price: 4.9

Final Score: 4.8/5.0 (A+)

As I said before, I’ve gone through quite a few different types of belts in search of one unique and effective enough to serve as my EDC belt. I’m finally relieved to say, that I’ve found one after a great deal of trial and error. This belt offers the stability and retention I require to be able to effectively wear my firearm and magazine pouch throughout my day at work without having to be concerned with losing its concealability or comfort.

Whether you’re looking for a concealed carry belt like me or something you can use at the range or competitions, I believe you should take a look at their website and decide for yourself if this is something you’d like to invest in. It could possibly be the last belt you purchase. Check out their website here http://www.stormridergear.com/ or find them on Facebook.


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Shellshocked is a 13 year Active Duty Army Veteran with a broad experience and knowledge of all things firearms and ammunition related. A resident of Ohio, an Open Carry State, but prefers to remain among the ranks of the Concealed Nation. Although you will occasionally find him Open Carrying his FN 5.7 in a BlackHawk! Kydex retention paddle holster. His every day carry is a Beretta Storm PX4 Compact 15+1 in a StealthGearUSA ventilated Kydex IWB Holster. Spare Magazine, flashlight, and knife always on hand.

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