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*WARNING: GRAPHIC* Father And Son Shoot Neighbor Dead Over Trash Dispute

Via TTAG In this extremely disturbing video out of Abilene, Texas, a heated dispute over the disposal of a mattress leads to gunfire. The shooters, Johnnie and Michael Miller, have both been charged with the first-degree murder of the third man in the video, Aaron Howard. Howard apparently had a baseball bat (not obvious in the video) but was otherwise unarmed. The person recording the video is Howard’s fiance, Kara Box. Threats were exchanged on both sides before John Miller fired his handgun. His son then followed up with a shotgun blast. When District Attorney Jim Hicks saw the footage, he said: “Video evidence like this is always graphic and very difficult to watch. But, it is consistent with the charges.” Both Miller men are currently out of jail on a $25,000 bond. “You [the Millers] deserve to spend your lives in prison,” said Ms. Box. By the looks of it, there’s a good chance of that. Here’s a news video featuring an interview with her: The full video can be seen below. Instigation occurred on both sides: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clQMAguRv6o
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