Why You Don’t Mix Alcohol And Firearms: Man Hands Gun To Cousin, Cousin Shoots And Kills Him

This is a sad story on a few levels, the first being that a man lost his life in a 100% avoidable way. The second level is that the suspect, his cousin, is in jail and charged with homicide.

During a drunk family get together in Pennsylvania, 27-year-old Joshua Poremski was talking about his cousins interest in getting her concealed carry permit. That cousin, 28-year-old Stephanie Munizza, wishes the conversation never started.

Poremski allegedly handed her his gun, said it wasn’t loaded and asked if she would be able to shoot someone who posed a danger to her family.

Witnesses say Poremski again questioned Munizza about her ability to shoot a person standing in front of her – then told her “Prove it.”

Munizza told police: “She gripped the firearm in a two-handed grip and without her knowledge the firearm went off.”

When the firearm went off, Poremski was hit and killed. The attorney for Munizza has stated that a horrible accident occurred and is calling for her release. The family is also adamant that this was indeed an accident, and would like to see Munizza released without facing any charges.

According to news reports. Poremski was carrying his firearm during the party, up until the moment he handed it to Munizza. Why he was carrying and drinking is beyond me, and is something that I would never condone. I even went on a little rant about it in an article not too long ago.

While Munizza may have indeed pulled the trigger by accident, a 28-year-old should know that pointing a firearm at another person isn’t a smart thing to do. I don’t care if she’s never held a gun before in her life; if you have a brain, you know that a firearm can kill and you should be smart enough to keep it pointed in a safe direction.

Firearms and alcohol don’t mix; ever.

Your opinion: Should Munizza be charged?

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