Syracuse Man Claims Self-Defense In Shooting Death

SYRACUSE, NEW YORK – In a murder trial in Syracuse, NY, the shooter’s attorney claims the shooter was justified in the shooting death of his neighbor inside an apartment complex.

The attorney claims that his client was the initial victim because he was chased by a “knife-wielding attacker” when his client pulled his firearm and stopped the threat.

At Concealed Nation, we regularly preach the necessity, not just the importance, of carrying concealed. When you’re in close living quarters, like in an apartment complex, the need to have a firearm is only increased.

We encourage all readers, big and small, men and women, to get trained and equipped. Criminals do not care who you are, but a firearm in the hands of someone who is trained is the greatest deterrent.

Talk with your landlord and see if you can make adjustments to your apartment. For example, consider acquiring a peekhole in your door, and ensure that you have a cover for the peekhole so that no reverse mechanism can be used from the outside of your apartment to view inside your apartment.

Additionally, many recommend carrying hollow-point rounds to ensure that if you do have to discharge your firearm, the bullets won’t travel as easily through walls. Considering a small detail like that is important for apartment-dwellers.

Constantly be on guard, and don’t be afraid to request making upgrades to your apartment. You and your loved ones are on the line.

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