Dashcam Captures Road Rage Shooting On Busy Denver Street

DENVER, COLORADO — A distressing event, with shots being fired from one vehicle to another, was captured by a dash camera on a busy Denver street on a Tuesday evening.

This dangerous occurrence took place around 6:30 p.m. in the vicinity of Monaco Parkway and East Evans Avenue. Denver Police, commenting on the event documented by the camera, described it as worrisome, noting that, fortunately, no one was injured.

The approximately 40-second footage initiates with a vehicle stationary at a traffic signal. Following it, a white truck and a smaller black vehicle rush towards it. The two vehicles appear to be next to each other before the truck swiftly veers and the black vehicle trails it.

Upon the traffic signal changing, both vehicles pass through the intersection, getting ahead of the vehicle equipped with the dash camera. As the vehicles continue, the sound of gunshots can be heard, emanating from the black vehicle lagging slightly behind the white truck.

In response to the gunfire, the truck driver navigates into lanes of oncoming traffic. Meanwhile, the driver of the black vehicle can be seen in the video extending an arm out of their window, discharging more shots towards the truck.

Both vehicles persist on the road, subsequently making a U-turn. The truck now drives on the wrong side, opposing incoming traffic and heading towards the vehicle with the dash camera. This vehicle retreats into a parking lot as more gunshots echo.

Denver Police stated that an investigation is underway to understand the events leading up to this alarming incident and to identify those involved.

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