Man Forced to Shoot German Shepherd Because Its Owner Couldn’t Bother to Contain It


PALM COAST, FL — A 69-year-old man was forced to shoot and kill a German shepherd when it and another dog attacked him while he was walking his own dog early on the first Sunday of this month, News4Jax reports.

What’s more, it would appear that this tragedy was just waiting to happen. The dogs reportedly ran around regularly, threatening people.

According to News4Jax:

Police say the man told them he was walking his dog Sunday morning on Westcliffe Lane when two dogs got loose from their yard and began to approach in an aggressive manner. The man tells police he tried to turn around and leave, but one of the dogs attempted to bite him and his dog. At that time, the man pulled his firearm and shot the aggressive dog.

Police say the owner of the German shepherds admits they have gotten loose before. Neighbors also told authorities the two dogs roam the area regularly and act in an aggressive manner.

The man who fired the shot showed his concealed weapons license, to deputies and provided them with the gun and ammunition used.

“This is an unfortunate tragic neighborhood situation. While we never want to hear about the killing of a pet, pet owners must be responsible and watch over their animals,” Sheriff Rick Staly said.

Staly couldn’t have said it better. It’s nothing less than a tragedy when a life has to be taken, whether human or animal — but it’s all the more frustrating when you think about how little fault belongs to the dog in question, and how much falls on the dog’s owner.

When someone shoots and kills a home invader — the responsibility of what happened goes squarely on the shoulders of the attacker, regardless of whatever troubled past led him or her to commit a life-threatening crime.

When we’re talking about dogs — it simply isn’t the same.

Shame on these neglectful animal owners who let this happen not once, but on a regular basis. Make sure to invest the time and effort to ensure your animals are cared-for and taught responsible behavior.

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