WE DID IT!! Brownells YouTube Account Back in Action

Ladies, and germs, we did it.

Last week, we reported to you that Brownells’ YouTube account had been deleted without reason, and without an ounce of warning or communication.

Our fine, feathered friends over working at YouTube thought that it would slip by relatively unnoticed —  I guess because they either underestimated how many people cared about Second Amendment-friendly companies or didn’t realized how unified a front the pro-gun community can be.

They were incorrect.

Yesterday, they recanted.

“We CANNOT thank you ALL enough for your shares, reposts, retweets and positive comments!” Brownells said in a post yesterday. “We are beyond proud to have the finest group of customers and supporters anywhere. Thank you again!”


Those of you who took action after seeing Concealed Nation’s piece on the story or anyone else’s — we cannot thank you enough.

This isn’t about handing down a win for a particular firearm company. This is a win for the gun-loving community at large.

Agendas aren’t forwarded by sweeping actions, one after another. They are put into place by small, decisive actions like what we saw last week, and let me tell you what — you better believe that they’ll try this again. If they don’t try it with Brownells, they’ll try it elsewhere.

Until that magic day when we aren’t constantly threatened by anti-gunners in the tech industry, I have a request for all of you.

Join me in being vigilant. Join me in being active against threats to our first and Second Amendment rights. Most importantly, join me in being a loud and unified front that can count on each other to make this community of ours so great.

It’s easy to feel like we as individuals don’t make a difference — I pray that each of you see this as proof of just the opposite.

This is exciting! Please share this on Facebook and Twitter and spread the word!

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