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St. Louis Board Passes Bill To Ban Open Carry Of Firearms

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI — The St. Louis Board of Aldermen recently passed Board Bill 107, aiming to restrict open carrying of firearms in St. Louis. Sponsored by Alderman Rasheen Aldridge, this bill responds to incidents of people openly carrying guns downtown, some linked to juvenile crime. The legislation, now awaiting Mayor Tishaura Jones’ signature, allows only law officers and certain officials to openly carry firearms. Private individuals can still carry guns concealed.

Violators of this ordinance, if over 18, risk a $500 fine or a month in jail. Minors could face a $100 fine or community service.

However, enforcing Board Bill 107 requires either approval from Missouri’s predominantly Republican legislature or a successful voter initiative. Three proposed ballot initiatives, 2024-114, 2024-115, and 2024-117, aim to grant St. Louis authority over firearm regulations. These initiatives need approximately 172,000 signatures to be included in the 2024 ballot.

The bill’s progress faces political opposition from Missouri’s Attorney General Andrew Bailey and Governor Mike Parson.

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