Swab-Its Bore Sticks Gun Cleaning Rods

Swab-Its Bore Sticks – Rod, Patch and Jag All In One [SHOT Show 2018]


If you haven’t discovered Swab-Its gun cleaning gear yet, you’re probably working too hard when you clean your firearms. I’ve had a pack of their Gun-Tips in my cleaning box for a while and they’re ideal for getting at even the hardest place to clean on just about every gun you own.

Their latest product are Bore-Sticks, designed to be a patch, cleaning rod and jag, all in one. One of their best features is they’re washable and re-useable. A pack of four will only run you $8 and the come in pretty much every caliber you’ll ever need.

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Dan Zimmerman has been shooting guns for 25 years and writing about them for the last eight. He’s particularly into the shotgun sports, including trap, sporting clays, duck and pheasant hunting.

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