Man Shoots At Cars Driving Down Florida Highway, Striking One Driver, Captured By Off-Duty Officer


MARTIN COUNTY, FLORIDA — A man is in custody after police say he was shooting at vehicles that were driving down I-95 around 6 a.m. Sunday morning. A 59-year-old man was shot in the stomach, and he pulled over and called 911 due to pain, but he did not yet realize he had been shot.

An off-duty officer, who happened to be in the area driving on the same stretch of highway, stopped to assist a vehicle that had crashed on the side of the road.

When the officer exited his vehicle, Aaron Chase Fedukovich walked out of a wooded area holding a gun. The officer then instructed the 35-year-old to drop it, and was able to take him into custody while waiting for backup.

Detectives concluded that Fedukovich of Ocala, “fired multiple shots” at passing vehicles as he was driving northbound on the highway. One of those rounds penetrated the car door and struck the 59-year-old victim.


The man shot was taken to the hospital and is expected to recover.

Luckily, there weren’t any other victims that police are aware of.

The suspect was also taken to the hospital for a gunshot to his arm, which was apparently self-inflicted. After treatment, he was placed under arrest.

Martin County Sheriff’s Office

Let’s face it; there isn’t much you can do in a situation like this except distance yourself from the location of the gunshots and call police. Terrible people are out there, and that will always be a thing. Knowing what to do in different situations is what will prepare you for the worst and help you survive.

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