Conversion: Look How One Anti-Gunner Writer Has Totally Switched Sides

It is a rare and wonderful thing when someone who has established him or herself as a firm anti-gunner swaps sides and sees the light.

And I do mean rare. Like, it’s crazy rare.

That’s why when it happens, we have to pay close and careful attention to why and how the conversion was made. Fortunately, that’s easy for writers because we can’t shut up.

H.A. Goodman used to write for the Huffington Post, and his work includes such beauties as “If ISIS Had Committed the 11 School Shootings Since Sandy Hook, Congress Would Have Declared War” and “What Gun Advocates Should Remember: You’ll Never Overthrow The Government and It Isn’t Scared of You.”

That’s some pretty heavy-hitting stuff. So, why has he changed his tune? You need to read it to see.

Now, Concealed Nation is decidedly less of a politically-charged publication than The Daily Caller from which this Op-Ed originated, so I’ll apologize in advance for the stylistic differences for those who don’t care for that sort of thing, but Goodman’s got something to say, and it’s incredibly important we get to look into the mind of someone who has come from one side of the Second Amendment-supporting spectrum to the other.

Let’s take a read:

After witnessing the union of the Democratic Party and former spy chiefs James Clapper, James Comey and John Brennan, I slowly realized my trust in the federal government had been naive. Of course, I’d never advocate an armed rebellion, but the fact 37 percent of American families own some type of firearm ensures that unelected officials think twice about the extent of their schemes…

The Second Amendment isn’t necessarily a call to arms — it’s an inconvenient reality for unelected officials who continually act with impunity and without government oversight.

As for mass shootings, the propaganda of the Left will not save lives.

Dianne Feinstein admitted that no legislation could have prevented the Vegas shooting. The FBI botched the Charleston massacre and according to The New York Times, “Dylann Roof, 21, was allowed to buy the .45-caliber handgun because of mistakes by F.B.I. agents.” The FBI knew about the recent Florida shooter before he killed 17 people. The FBI also knew about the Orlando Pulse shooter years before he murdered 49 human beings. As for the Virginia Tech shooter who killed 32 people, he roamed the university for 15 minutes using a .22 and a 9 millimeter; two smaller caliber handguns that have never been the targets of a ban…

I joined the NRA and Gun Owners of America because the groupthink that I once spewed hurts law-abiding citizens and does nothing to prevent the next deranged copycat criminal. I now have a firearms channel on YouTube promoting the Second Amendment safely and responsibly; something I never imagined in 2014.

Since a 2008 study showed that 80 percent of crimes are committed with illegally obtained guns, “gun control” is a euphemism that won’t stop deranged people intent on killing. It took me a while, but I realize now that murders aren’t stopped by controlling an inanimate object. They’re stopped by heroic people like Dixon Police Officer Mark Dallas and Deputy Jim Long, and the many others who prevented active shooters from reaching potential victims.

It’s also worth noting that once I clicked on the link to his YouTube channel, one of the “related” channels I was encouraged to give a try was Alex Jones’, which just seems petty as hell to me.

If we wanted to boil down Goodman’s conversion to a single talking point, it goes like this: the anti-gunner agenda was not and is not doing a thing to prevent gun violence while hurting law-abiding citizens who hoped to make a difference.

I think we can all get behind that.

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