Burglar Held At Gunpoint After Breaking Into Teen’s Room


BLOOMFIELD, KY — A burglar looking to break into a teenage girl’s room was sorely disappointed when he not only missed the girl, but was held at gunpoint until authorities arrived.

But first, of course, he had to make introductions with the family dog.

As Lex18 reports:

It was an eventful Saturday morning for the quiet neighborhood. Chris Stevens, the homeowner, said a teen broke a lock on their daughter’s bedroom window and snuck inside. But she wasn’t home, instead he was greeted by the family dog.

Stevens says he woke up when he heard his wife screaming, so he grabbed his gun and pointed his pistol at the potential burglar.

Stevens says he held the teen at gunpoint until sheriff’s deputies arrived.

Police say the burglar was identified as 18-year-old Garrett Inghram.

Now, who knows whether or not this teen was actually trying to get access to the home specifically for the daughter, but it’s a far more productive learning moment if we assume, for now, that he was.

Home defense is family defense, and it’s family business.

Every member of the family has a part to play in the defense of others — whether that’s calling the alarm, loosing the dog (if you have a dog), calling the police, or engaging the assailant. Each family needs to determine what part each member plays.

If the daughter had been there — who knows what might have happened, but hopefully the family dog would have made it a warm reception.

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