[WATCH] Man Shows Up Near Texas School Shooting Scene With Gun And American Flag

This morning, a school shooting occurred at Santa Fe High School in Texas and claimed the lives of 10 people. Of those 10 people, 9 were students.

Near the scene, a man appeared and some reporters stopped to talk with him. The man was carrying an American Flag and a pistol on his hip. The video has been making it’s rounds on social media and there are many people both for and against his actions.

Another man at the end of the video, says that he is a gun owner and 2A supporter, but was offended by the man’s actions given the circumstances.

The man was not committing any crimes, as it is legal to openly carry a firearm in the State of Texas.

What is your opinion of this man doing what he did? Do you support his decision to make his way to the scene while armed, or do you feel that he should have shown his support in another location? Chime in below.

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