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WATCH: Armed Robbers Try To Score Big At Gun Store, And They Were Dead Wrong

Are you familiar with the phrase “went down like a sack of potatoes”? That’s exactly what happened to this robber after he and his buddy tried to pull off a heist at a gun store. If it’s one thing we know, it’s probably a bad idea to try and rob a gun store. The incident didn’t happen long, and it ended with one dead robber.
Two thieves didn’t get what they expected after attempting to rob a gun store with an owner and an employee inside. Owner of the store, Jimmy Groover, fired at and killed one of the armed robbers sending the other running.
It’s always the same story, right? Two people walk in, one is shot, and the other doesn’t stay behind to help out his fallen thug friend. What a nice guy. A true thug would stick it out and run through the gunfire to finish what he started but as it turns out, this thug that got out alive is… a coward. Watch the video above and see how quickly this store owner was able to neutralize the threat, and take notes. Neither the store owner or any of his employees were harmed during the incident.
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