Students Who Survived Texas School Shooting: We Need To Arm Our Teachers

A Marine was teaching a class right next door to the classroom that a gunman opened fire in early yesterday morning, but he did not have a firearm with him because they are not allowed on school grounds.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick was interviewed by Mark Levin after the horrible school shooting, and a topic quickly came up when they were discussing Patrick’s visiting of survivors.

Patrick stood next to the students with the Governor and asked all the students; What’s your answer?

“We need to arm our teachers”, the students replied.

In Texas, armed school teachers can be a thing if the district allows it.

Listen to the quick interview below:

After the deadly school shooting in Florida this past February, there was an enormous push for gun control from many of the students at that school. Here, we see the flip side in which it seems that these Texas students are looking for alternative solutions that we can stand behind.

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