New Bill That Would Require Law Enforcement To Call Supervisor Before Drawing Firearm Is Not Actually A Thing


An article was posted on Blue News Network that claims a bill is in the works that would require law enforcement to get permission from their supervisors before they were able to draw their firearm.

The article was published on March 12th 2019, and the website publishes satirical articles that are focused on law enforcement.

This information is not true, but that didn’t stop it from being spread around the internet like a wildfire.

Part of the article reads;

In a recent bill presented to the Senate, law enforcement officers would be required to request permission from their shift supervisor before utilizing their service weapon. The bill, titled “A Second Chance”, is geared towards “preventing police atrocities.” As part of the bill, officers finding themselves in a life threatening situation would first need to call their supervisor and ask before introducing their service weapon into the scenario. Further, the supervisor would then in turn have to call a local civilian committee to discuss the matter so that a community backed decision can be made. These steps would be taken prior to drawing not only their firearm but any other weapon, including tasers, OC spray and batons.


Many were apparently fooled by the article, which has seen over 26,000 views according to their website.

A quick check of their website provided us with a disclaimer that acknowledges their satire nature.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is a satirical news website.  While some stuff may bear a strong resemblance to the truth, we assure you it is most decidedly bullshit.  We are just a few bored cops who thought we would make sport of triggering people and having a little fun at the expense of rookies, dispatchers, and troopers.  If you don’t like what we are doing here, I am sorry to tell you that we do not care.  Have a great life, and stress less about the things you cannot control, like what we write on this site.

For the cops on the road, you have our respect, even if we tease you a little.  Be careful, and come home safe.

If such a bill were to make an introduction anywhere, I would assume public backlash would be strong and powerful. I’d hope.

So, there’s nothing to see here, but just imagine if this were reality.

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