[VIDEO] Ruger Range Drills Season 2 – Multiple Targets Drill

Ruger Range Drills Season 2 – Multiple Targets Drill. This drill starts with your targets set at different ranges. This drill is typically shot with a handgun, though Kyle chooses the Ruger PC Carbine for this demonstration. The fundamentals of the drills are the same whether using a pistol or rifle – the focus is on the skill of getting those new sight pictures. There are two rules of thought in transitioning from one target to the next. The first is that you stay in the sights and drive the sights over to the target. The second rule of thought is first driving the eyes to the target and then moving the sights to the target. It’s all about personal preference, so try them both if you’re a novice shooter to see what works best for you.

Kyle performs the Multiple Targets Drill with a Ruger PC Carbine.

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