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[WATCH] Officer Forced To Shoot Knife Attacker Who Comes Out Of Nowhere

When faced with a threat, we always need to be aware of the distance between ourselves and that threat. A knife attack is no joke, and in many cases it’s we’d rather be up against a gun rather than a knife.

In this incident caught on two officer body cams, as they’re working a scene, someone with no connection to what’s going on decides to go after one of the officers.

He has a knife in his hand, and the video shows us a few quick moves that help to save this officer from further injuries.

Give the video a watch:

A few questions to ask yourself after watching this video:

Do you train shooting with one hand?

Do you train for close encounters such as this?

There is much to be learned from videos such as this, and it’s an important reminder that we should be maintaining our training so that we can be as prepared as possible for something such as this.

If you think that this is something only police have to worry about, think again. This could have easily been a citizen walking back to their car from the grocery store, for example. We cover self-defense stories on a daily basis, and know that real threats are out there.

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