[VIDEO] The Happiest Place On Earth Can’t Save You From Violence

Disneyland can make all of your dreams come true, including if one of your dreams is that security takes forever to respond to a fight among a group of adult-children.

As horrified actual children looked on while crying, more than a handful of adults get into a physical altercation. One guy, the focus of the video, has no problem throwing punches at men and women alike. I’d be surprised if he didn’t swing at a kid if they got too close.

Here’s a video and a little walk-through of what happened;


As the story goes, the group of fist-throwers are all related. Talk about dysfunctional.

Here’s the full video, if you’re so inclined to watch;


While the incident was isolated, it sure did take Disney security a long time to get there. As the saying goes; When you need help the most, Disney police are a Goofy amount of minutes away.

That was bad, sorry.

Still, if you can’t help yourself, you need to rely on help to get to you. That takes time, in the majority of cases.

While this may not have been a life-or-death scenario, it does show that if it were, a fatality or two could have easily happened based on the response time.

At theme parks, Disney included, bringing in a firearm or other self-defense tool is a hard no-go. They’ll protect you.


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