#DIGTHERIG – Barrett and his HK45 and HK P30L in a Raven Concealment Holster and Alien Gear Holster

1. HK45 w/ Surefire X300 (with Horandy custom +P rounds) or H&K P30L 9MM w/ Surefire X300 (with Horandy Critical Defense rounds)

2. Raven Concealment Phantom holster or Alien Gear IWB holster

3. I’ve carried the P30L for 4 years, and recently picked up the HK45. Don’t think I can go back to the P30L as the 45 fits my hands better. I love both and still carry the P30L, but my goto has been the 45. The Alien Gear is for days when I don’t need a light (when I know I’ll be home before it gets dark, etc). I’ve had the Raven since I started carrying and it’s been a great holster. Both holsters fit either platform great. Gerber auto has been along for the ride since I got my P30L (hence the wear).

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