Question: What Was Your First Handgun, And Do You Still Own It?

When I first got my permit, my first ever handgun purchase was a Ruger SR9c. Yes, I still have it, but honestly . . . not because I really want to. The sole reason that I keep it is because it was my first purchase ever, which turned into a gift from my father.

Tangent time…

When I first took it to the range, it started having problems immediately. Pins would start coming out, I’d have every malfunction imaginable, and the whole experience was just a disaster. Long story short, the firearm was sent back to Ruger 5 times over the course of 10 months until they finally agreed to replace the whole thing.

“This is it,” I thought. “If they replace the whole gun, I’ll get a good one. I just have a lemon.”


Still problems, although not as many as I previously had. But it still belongs to be because after all, it was my first. So it can’t go anywhere. It’s sole purpose is to be a range gun, and it will never sit in a holster to be carried around. It’s a plinker.

Anyway, that’s my story. What’s yours? What was your first handgun purchase ever, and do you still own it?

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