Armed Thug Pretends to Be Victim After Getting His Tail Handed to Him


KNIGHTDALE, NC — A North Carolina clerk at a local food mart was put into the fight of his life when an armed robber not only attempted to stick the place up, but attacked the worker as well.

The thug certainly didn’t expect to be calling emergency services later, pretending to be the victim of a drive-by shooting in order to get medical care without dealing with the ramifications of what he did.

Unfortunately for the suspect, the police aren’t as preposterously stupid as to believe a ruse like that, what with surveillance footage being an institution for security for decades and whatnot.

As WNCN reports:

A suspect who ran off after he was shot during a store robbery Saturday night in Knightdale was found minutes later at a home where he falsely claimed he was the victim of a drive-by shooting, police said.The incident all began around 10:40 p.m. at the N&A Food Mart at 107 South First Avenue, according to police.

Police say Tevin Cameron Horton, 20, of Wendell, entered the store armed with a revolver and pointed the gun at the clerk while demanding money. The two briefly struggled and the clerk tried to run to another area of the store but was followed by Horton. Police say that is when the clerk pulled out his own gun and fired shots at Horton. Horton then fled the scene, Knightdale police said. Authorities brought tracking dogs to the store area and searched for Horton.

Officers arrived there and found Horton with a gunshot wound to the lower back and buttock area. Horton told officers he had been shot in a drive-by shooting but surveillance video and other evidence placed him at the scene of the robbery, according to police. The clerk was not injured. Horton has been charged with armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.

I don’t know what the robber expected — seriously. The perfect crime? Not today, buddy.

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