Neck Stabbing Not Enough to Stop This Armed Citizen


WEST VALLEY CITY, UT — When a man went to pick up a bit of entertainment at his local Redbox machine outside a gas station in West Valley City, Utah, he probably wasn’t planning on being stabbed in the neck.

But hey, stuff happens.

Fortunately for this concealed carrier, when he was stabbed in the neck while at his local Redbox, he had his defensive tool nearby.

As News4Utah reports:

Lt. Jeff Conger, West Valley City Police, said a man was standing at the Redbox at a gas station at 3500 South 4400 West around 11 p.m. when another male went inside to purchase beer.

“The man who went in to buy the beer appeared to be in a hurry, according to the cashier,” said Conger. “That man then left the store and stood directly behind the man at the Redbox and for some unknown reason, pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the neck.”

Conger said after the man was stabbed, the victim went to his car and grabbed a gun and shot the suspect multiple times. The suspect, who had been struck by one of the bullets, fled the area but when police arrived they searched the area with K-9 officers and located the man nearby.

Both the victim and the suspect were sent to area hospitals with significant wounds but have both been released. Conger said they booked 21-year-old David Tuipulotu Vea into the Salt Lake County Jail for felony aggravated assault and possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person. Conger said the stabbing victim will most likely not face any charges.

It’s amazing that the stabbing victim was able to get to his car to produce his firearm — and he shouldn’t have to have done that.

A gun in your car might as well be on the moon when things go south. Keep your firearm on your person, every day.

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