Armed Robbers Shot After Security Guard Fires Back From Multi-Million Dollar Hollywood Hills Home


HOLLYWOOD HILLS, CALIFORNIA — A retired police officer is said to have been the security guard that came to the rescue during a late-night armed robbery attempt outside the home he was guarding.

Three suspects followed a Rolls Royce down the street that’s lined with multi-million dollar homes. When the Rolls came to a stop, the suspects got out and confronted their targets.

The homeowner who was in the Rolls, Fashion Nova CEO Richard Saghian, was said to have made it into the home before the shots rang out.

According to police, two men were outside a home when they were approached by two men wearing ski masks. The masked men made the victims lie down on the ground before stealing watches and jewelry from them, Detective Meghan Aguilar said.

A security guard came out of a home, and gunfire was exchanged, Aguilar said. She said the shots hit the guard, the two victims on the ground and the two robbers, who fled in a car with a waiting getaway driver.


Police stopped the car at a nearby intersection, at which time they found a deceased suspect inside the car, along with an injured suspect and an uninjured suspect.

The security guard was also shot and taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Lots of things enter my mind with stories such as this. What if the security guard were sleeping? What if he was unavailable for whatever reason? Having to rely on someone who isn’t in the immediate area isn’t something I’d ever do on purpose.

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