[VIDEO] Movie Myth Busted? Can Dual Wielding Pistols Actually Work Better Than Just One?


Rate of fire is everything. Unfortunately, the faster the bullets fly, the more they tend to deviate from target. Hollywood, however, would have everyone believe that a man with two handguns can walk into a room and simultaneously hit targets on opposing sides.

Well, Larry from Vickers Tactical puts this to the test.

Larry has a reputation for testing out what works — and what doesn’t — on the big screen. Unsurprisingly, Hollywood has no grasp on what firearms do other than make big flashes and quickly introduce and exit characters.

The technique that Larry uses to test this theory is pretty interesting, though. He approaches it from the angle that if he keeps his second gun locked perpendicular to the aiming solution of the first as he cycles the different targets, he may just get a hit.

This may work if he was positioned perfectly in the middle of a six target linear setup and kept his second firing arm perfectly proportioned to where the first was aiming. This is something a robot could feasibly do but a man isn’t expected to have much success.

Thankfully, his compatriot keeps score.

Notably, the dual wielding method of pistol gunnery is faster than using a single handgun against six targets, the lone gun is unsurprisingly much more accurate. Perhaps at extreme close range, this may work — but it wouldn’t be as effective as simply getting one gun to do the job.

Plus, when hits actually matter, you want them to hit.


Unfortunately, he didn’t try the Boondock Saints’ method of upside down, rotating dual wielded pistols against multiple targets. Kind of disappointed. Go big or go home, amirite?

In all seriousness, I think we all know that the best way to guarantee a hit is to aim and fire — not guess.

This is also why we test out all our theories in the safe, controlled environment of a range rather than wait until a real world situation pops up. No matter how bone-headed the idea, so long as it follows the basics of firearm safety, it’s game on.

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