Fingerprint ID “Smart Guns” proposed for all new guns sold in Massachusetts is reporting that former state Sen. Warren E. Tolman is looking to introduce state legislation that would require all guns sold in MA to come equipped with fingerprint technology that would only allow the owner to use that particular gun. This technology is known as “Smart Guns”.

From the Telegram:

“Just as your fingerprint can be used to unlock your iPhone, fingerprint technology can be used to ensure only the rightful owner is able to fire a gun,” Mr. Tolman said in a statement proposing a change in law to mandate the locks. “This would help take the guns out of the hands of criminals who steal them. It would protect us from the tragedy of children and teens who accidentally or by choice are killed by guns left unsecured in the home.”

What if you’d like to have a friend try out your gun at the range? What if you, as the gun owner, are shot by the intruder in your home but another family member is uninjured and has access to your gun to fight back, but they can’t because their fingerprints don’t allow the gun to fire? What if the technology fails? I have a bio-metric safe that fails 25% of the time. The list of negatives goes on and on. I won’t even get into infringing on 2nd Amendment rights…

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