3 Men With Pipe Vs. 1 Man With Handgun… Any Bets?


CENTRAL, LA — A premeditated robbery in Central, Louisiana went horribly south when one of a group of three attempted robbers learned that the man they were attempting to rob was armed the hard way, WBRZ 2 reports.

In initial reports surrounding the incident it was reported that the man shot was in critical condition and rushed to the hospital — now we know that he has died.

As WBRZ 2 reports:

Residents reported hearing gunfire around 3 o’clock in the Monhegan subdivision. The police chief of the Central Police Department, who lives in the neighborhood, found the two people outside a home at the corner of Rathmoor Avenue and Glengarry Drive, a cul-de-sac.

The homeowner had been beaten with a pipe, authorities said. It was not immediately clear how the robbery suspect ended up shot. Both people were rushed to the hospital… One person has died in the hospital and… two others have been arrested after a shooting in an East Baton Rouge neighborhood Monday.

Authorities believe the shooting stemmed from an attempted robbery. (The East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office) says witnesses told them 31-year-old Michael Duchamp and two others had planned to rob his neighbor Monday afternoon. When the three confronted the intended victim, Duchamp struck the homeowner. The homeowner then shot Duchamp, prompting the other two to flee.

The Central police chief was in the neighborhood at the time and saw a man wearing a mask armed with a gun run from the residence. As the man fled, he pointed his weapon at the officer. Duchamp died from his injuries in an area hospital Tuesday. The homeowner remains in the hospital and is expected to survive.

The two other suspects have been identified as 30-year-old Anthony Myles and 31-year-old Arthur Rogers. Myles was arrested Tuesday and charged with armed robbery, aggravated second-degree battery, aggravated assault on police, public masking and principal to first-degree murder. Rogers turned himself in Tuesday night and he was booked on similar charges.

The man beat his intended victim with a pipe before going the way of the dinosaurs — it’s pretty hard to feel bad for him.

When you’re faced with multiple, active, and nearby adversaries, your odds of coming out of the incident unscathed aren’t fantastic — even if you are armed.

It’s fortunate that the other punks took a run-out powder as soon as they realized that the playing field was even.


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