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Elderly Couple Receives Recognition For Defending Themselves Against Home Invaders

MARSHALL COUNTY, OKLAHOMA — An elderly couple did the only thing they knew to do when three criminals broke into their house with the intent to rob them – they defended themselves.

Back in March, three criminals broke into the residence of Eddie and Cindy Gilmore of Madill, Oklahoma.  And following the successful routing of the robbers, Sheriff Ed Kent presented an honorary deputy award to Eddie and Cindy Gilmore.  KTEN did the follow-up story on their recent award ceremony.

According to the original story of the event, which happened back in March, Ed recalls how it all went down:

via KTEN

It all started just after 10:00 p.m. Wednesday night at the home of Eddie and Cindy Gilmore in Madill, when deputies say the suspects busted through the back door with guns.

The couple says the intruders threatened to kill them and demanded guns.

“They had a gun to her head, they could’ve killed her, then come right in here and killed me, if i hadn’t had a gun,” Eddie Gilmore, victim of home invasion, said.

And it was precisely that gun which Eddie used – in combination with some quick thinking.  He pretended to have an injury and used that distraction to get his gun and shoot two of the intruders.  None of the three attackers were apprehended but both Eddie and Cindy were saved.

Good work you two!

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