Opening Your Door To Strangers Can Have Consequences


We’ve seen it a thousand times, but we still share many we come across because they’re learning experiences that people should pay

A TikTok video has been making the rounds and appears to show two people come to the front door of a home and ask for help. The story was that their car broke down and needed a phone to call for help.

A person at the home answered, and opened the door, but seems to have closed it just in time, because the man behind the woman pulled a gun and tried getting inside.

@recordedcrime This couple knocked on a door and asked for assistance with a disabled car. The couple then attempted to rob the home owner. #reels__tiktok #reels #recordedcrime #fyp #fypシ #ring #crime #homeinvasions #home #endlessjourney #viral #truecrime #crimetiktok #madewithkeurigcontest #rings #homedecor #hauslabsfoundation #andGO #crimeoncamera @ring ♬ original sound – RecordedCrime

The fact that this home had a ring doorbell camera should have been enough to not open the door and simply talk with them through the mic and speaker that the camera has. The need to open the door is literally zero, and should be avoided at all costs.

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