Shooter Claims Self-Defense in Fatal Shooting


LUBBOCK, TX — A man was shot and killed in Texas this past weekend, and the man who killed him is claiming self-defense.

I cannot definitively say whether or not he was in the right, but judging from the report on this man’s behavior immediately following the shooting, this man not only was on the right side of the law, he knew exactly what to do in the event of a deadly shooting.

As Everything Lubbock reports:

Police were called to an apartment at about 4:20 a.m. Saturday.

The first officer on the scene wrote in the police report, “I asked who was shot and who had fired the weapon. (A man) stood with his hands above his head and advised (the person who was shot and killed) had broken into the apartment and (the man) shot him in self-defense.”

“I observed [the dead body] to be face down with his head toward the far bedroom wall. I checked but did not detect a pulse,” the police report said. “I observed several empty shell casings laying on the bedroom floor. I observed a silver semi-automatic hand gun laying on the bed. I left the handgun undisturbed for detectives to collect upon their arrival.”

Initially, the shooter was placed in handcuffs but later the handcuffs were removed. He did not want to answer questions from police at the scene until he first talked to a lawyer. The police report does not say if the shooter agreed to answer questions later. A woman inside the apartment witnessed the shooting and police tried to ask questions but she was described as hysterical. The man who was shot was described in the report as the woman’s ex-boyfriend. The man who fired the shots was described as the woman’s current boyfriend.

He followed the steps following a shooting to the letter. He ascertained that the threat was neutralized, presented his weapon in a non-threatening manner (he left it in the open and alone), he seemingly cooperated with police but insisted on waiting for a lawyer to accompany him — it sounds simple, but following a deadly shooting, that’s more than enough to remember and stick to.

If you ever find yourself in this situation, follow this example.

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