Two Shot By Concealed Carrier During Attempted Robbery At FL Mall


PEMBROKE PINES, FLORIDA — Two robbers were shot inside a jewelry store by an armed employee when police say they attempted a smash and grab.

The concealed carrying employee acted quickly, shooting both suspects.

After the two men entered the jewelry store, one of the men began to smash the glass display cases while the other grabbed the exposed jewelry, police said. A store employee withdrew his concealed firearm and shot at both suspects, the release said.


When police arrived, they began rendering medical aid to the suspects. They were transported to the hospital where there condition is not known.

As a concealed carrier, it’s up to us whether or not we’re going to get involved in situations such as this. Another option, of course, is to let them take what they’re after and send them on their way. For this particular story, we don’t know if the two suspects were armed, but it is generally justified in Florida to use lethal force to stop a felony robbery.

If you do make the choice to get involved with yourself and your firearm, make sure you know what you’re getting into.

The employee is not facing any charges.

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