Concealed Carrying Vegas Man Witnesses Stabbing, Shoots Suspect And Stops Attack


LAS VEGAS, NV — When one man saw some suspicious activity near a local elementary school, he felt like he needed to investigate.

Thank God he did. And thanks to his vigilance, a man is still alive today.

The suspicious activity he checked up on turned out to be a stepfather and stepson fighting, and the stepson had an eye for murder.

As Fox 5 Vegas reports:

Las Vegas Metro police said they are investigating a stabbing and shooting on the east side of the Valley Thursday morning.

Officers responded to the incident at about 9 a.m. at Tropicana Avenue and Missouri Avenue, near Boulder Highway.

Police said someone passing by saw a “suspicious interaction” in a vehicle that rocked back and forth. It was a dispute between a stepfather and stepson. The witness saw 30-year-old James Garcia stab his stepfather inside the vehicle.

The witness, who had a concealed carry weapon, screamed at Garcia to stop. Garcia walked toward the witness, then returned to the car, where it appeared he would stab his stepfather again. The witness fired his gun at Garcia, hitting him in the stomach, stopping him, Metro said…Whitney Elementary School was placed on lockdown. CCSD said it was lifted by 10 a.m.

There’s virtually no way he could have known what was going on when he chose to investigate the situation.

When folks see a car rocking back and forth, they might suspect inappropriate inactivity, but generally folks suspect some other form of inappropriate activity, not to put too fine a point on it.

But thanks to his willingness to ensure the community was safe, a man was saved.

Stay vigilant, people.

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