Homeowner Shoots ‘Suspicious’ Woman In His Yard: Is This Irresponsible?

FORTH WORTH, TEXAS — A woman was shot after wandering around a neighborhood and ending up in the wrong man’s backyard, reports WFAA.

According to WFAA’s report, the woman was wandering the neighborhood at around 2:30am April 6 after having an argument with a neighbor.

Neighbors reportedly said she looked “suspicious,” walking around and approaching several houses.

When she wandered into the yard of the man who shot her, the homeowner became concerned — he had been burglarized before; it could be happening again.

The woman was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The woman will reportedly be charged with criminal mischief, and one A/C unit was found overturned at another home.

Now, was this woman probably asking for trouble by wandering around a neighborhood in the middle of the night and approaching homes? Yeah.

Was the homeowner right to shoot her?

Not quite as clear, is it?

Laws on when and where you can stand your ground against an attacker vary across the country. Even without using laws as a guide, here, we can make one deduction from the information given — the man who shot her probably did not have real cause to be in fear for his life.

It’s incredibly hard to justify shooting someone on those grounds.

It’s unclear whether or not the homeowner will be charged with a crime, but the fact that it’s close enough for us to wonder whether or not he will be charged probably means non-lethal force was a better option, here.

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