Tow Truck Driver Shoots Man In Self-Defense After Being Attacked


New Orleans, LA — A man was shot after he attempted to assault a tow truck driver in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Of course the driver was carrying — had he not seen “Men in Black?”

As The New Orleans Advocate reports:

A man was shot by a tow-truck driver who New Orleans police say was acting in self-defense Friday night in the Lower Garden District.

Officers were called to the 1800 block of Felicity Street just after 6 p.m. where a tow-truck driver reported shooting a man who was attacking him. Police say the man shot sustained a non-fatal gunshot wound and will be charged in the incident. The tow-truck driver will not be charged.

Now, I don’t know a man or woman alive who hasn’t seen their car towed away or discovered an empty spot where a car was supposed to be and thought at least a little about a righteous-anger-fueled vendetta.

I mean, who cares that you were parked in a half-hour spot? There are, like, 17 other spots that were open.

Tow truck drivers aren’t stupid. They know that what they do turns good Christian men and women into little more than monsters. They might not mind the job, but it’s not like they enjoy ticking people off — it’s just part of their everyday.

Every one I have ever met has had a concealed carry permit.

Drivers, just like everyone else, have a responsibility to stay as disengaged as possible, but a large part of their job is to provoke anger — whether they want to or not — and any tow driver would be remiss to not take steps to defend themselves.

That’s just common sense.

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