Man Released From Prison, Then Shot And Killed 3 Days Later After Breaking Into Wrong Home


CLEVELAND, OH — When a young man was released from prison last Sunday, the public hoped that he had learned the error of his ways, and at least attempted to rehabilitate himself behind bars.

He hadn’t. Now he’s dead.

According to, a young man who spent a little less than two years in prison was shot a mere three days after being released.

He lost his life to his own stupidity.

As reports:

Cornelius Love of Cleveland was released from prison on Sunday, according to state prison records. He would have been on probation until 2020.

Love broke into a man’s home about 3 a.m. in the 10600 block of Elgin Avenue, south of St. Clair Avenue in the city’s Glenville neighborhood, according to police. The 41-year-old homeowner saw Love breaking into the home and shot him several times, police said. Officers found Love dead in the home near a staircase, according to police.

The homeowner was not arrested. Police said they will present the case to a Cuyahoga Grand jury, which will decide whether or not he will face criminal charges. Love was released from prison after serving a 21-month sentence for being part of a group that robbed two people at gunpoint in Cleveland in one day in December 2015.

Nothing about what this man did was acceptable. It’s extremely hard to pity his loss with two vile crimes attempted.

However, there is something profoundly sad about seeing a person, however justly, brought to an end because he wasn’t able to get his life turned around.

Like a gambling addict with a fresh paycheck he lost everything because he thought he was incapable of doing anything else.

It’s our imperative to defend ourselves, our families, and those in need, but it’s also important we invest time and energy in people — people who have the potential to turn out like Love — and help them to learn to walk straight.

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