[REVIEW] ProSounds M-4 Electronic Hearing Protection Earmuffs

If shooting is your thing, then great hearing protection is a must-have in order to keep your ears happy. You don’t want to be one of those people saying ‘What?’ every few minutes, do you? Protecting your hearing is important, so it’s a good idea to throw some money down for a quality hearing protection solution.

Today, we’re taking a look at the M-4 model from ProSounds, a new offering of electronic hearing protection from a company that’s no stranger to the industry.


  • 25 dB Noise Reduction
  • Electronic Shutdown (Protects from noise over 85 dB)
  • Directional Microphones for enhanced hearing
  • Volume Wheel for easy control
  • Auxiliary Port

Don’t let the ordinary look of these earmuffs fool you. They’re crazy comfortable. I’ve had my fair share of similar-style hearing protection and one thing always seemed to pop up: They weren’t comfortable. Whether it was the part that goes around the top of your head or the muffs themselves, it’s always been a challenge to find some truly comfortable earmuffs.

The padding on these is excellent, for both your ears and the top of your head. While using them for a long afternoon at the range, they aren’t going to bother you in the slightest.

What do they offer for noise reduction?

The M-Series electronic earmuffs offer 25 dB of noise reduction against all loud, damaging sounds. On top of the initial 25 dB NRR, they also use Electronic Shutdown technology, which will automatically block any sound louder than 85 dB.


At the range, they did a fantastic job filtering out every shot I took, while still allowing me to hear what was going on around me. I enjoy the fact that I don’t need to remove the earmuffs to talk with other people at the range while we shoot, while still protecting my hearing.


Folding up nicely, they take minimal space in your range bag and are easily transported. It’s a shame that all earmuffs don’t scrunch down to a size like this, and it’s a big plus that they incorporated this into the design.


Of course, they give you the option to adjust each side so that it provides a perfect fit for your head. Once you’ve selected the proper size, it stays in the position you choose. I’ve had other earmuffs that loosen up as I’m moving around, and that hasn’t been the case with these. Set them and forget it!


Let’s run down what’s available here. In the center of the image above, you’ll see the volume control that lets you turn the electronic device on, and allow more or less noise into the earmuffs. This is helpful when you want to talk to people, or just let in some more noise so you’re not completely in the dark.


The volume control is easy to dial in, and can even be easily manipulated while wearing gloves. Both muffs have their own volume control, so you can adjust accordingly for each ear, if you feel so inclined.


Each muff has two microphones for superior performance, with one sitting on each side. In the photo above, the microphone is on the left. To the right, you’re given an audio input jack that would allow you to hook up many devices. For example, you can listen to music by using this jack. Each muff has it’s own audio input jack, so if you connect the left side, you’ll only be hearing the attached media in the left muff. To have media in both sides, you’d need a splitter to get the job done.

It’d be cool if they offered a bluetooth option, but it’s not the case just yet. Maybe one day they’ll incorporate this feature.


Each side runs on 2 AAA batteries. As for how long the batteries will last, that’s still to be determined. I’d imagine they will last for quite some time.


The M-4 electronic earmuffs from ProSounds are a great product that I’d recommend checking out. If you’re in the market for hearing protection, or are sick of your current setup, it’s worth your time to check them out.

Even better, they have a Kickstarter campaign going on right now that will allow you to pick up a set at a substantial discount. To view their campaign, click here.

MSRP: $139
Kickstarter Price: $87 (click here to buy)

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