Record Set For Background Checks This Black Friday: Over 200k NICS Checks Performed

Setting an all-time record in a single day, Black Friday gun sales seem to have been booming. The FBI announced that a total of 203,086 NICS checks were performed on the unofficial holiday.

And that’s not just the highest number for Black Friday. It’s the highest number period.

Since one background check can have multiple firearms in the transaction, the number of firearms sold is likely much higher than the number of checks performed. That means that all of those predictions of low firearm sales after Trump took office have been, well, false.

It seems that Americans are still in love with their firearms more than ever before. And who can blame them? The sales have also been very good, which have been favoring folks who are looking to buy on a budget.

The demand is there and the inventory is there, and Americans have purchased over 11.6 million new firearms since Trump has taken office.

Were you a ding in the official total? If so, we hope that you got a great deal!

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