Home Invasion Leads To Exchange Of Gun Fire Between Bad Guy And Good Guy


MILWAUKEE, WI — A burglar and a resident ended up in a gun battle after the thug ransacked the home.

That battle resulted in no casualties, and an escaped bad guy.

As WITI reports:

Police said a suspect and victim exchanged gunfire after the suspect entered the victim’s home early Saturday, October 28th near 80th and Beechwood.

It happened shortly before 1:00 a.m. Police said after entering the home, the suspect ransacked the home and struggled with the victim, at which point shots were fired by both the suspect and victim. Neither was struck, and the suspect fled the scene.

Man, I would not want to try this at the homes of many responsibly-armed citizens.

How many people are actually asleep at one in the morning? The majority, maybe, but not by that much.

Dumb call.

What’s even more strange than the timing is the fact that two parties exchanged gunfire and somehow no one was hurt.

Most homes are not that big, folks. even the accuracy-challenged are able to hit shots at 10 feet or less some of the time.

Well, what gives?

It’s not certain, but the most likely cause would be the stress of combat. If a struggle ensued between two parties on a life-and-death level, or course there are going to be some issues. Hands will be shaky. Folks won’t be thinking normally.

And that is why it’s important to train, train, train.

If you ever need to use your firearm, use it well, regardless of the situation. The only way to do that is to practice shooting and thinking under stress.

Stay safe out there, folks. The world is only getting messier.

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