Homeowner Dies In Gun Battle With Teenage Home Intruders

FLINT, MICHIGAN — A homeowner, while trying to defend himself and his home, died from injuries sustained during a gun fight with the two teenage armed intruders. Those intruders fled in a vehicle, which eventually struck another vehicle and ended their flee attempt.

Police said both suspects are now in custody and one is in critical condition at Hurley Medical Center.

The driver of the red van, a woman, was also hurt in the crash and taken to the hospital, police said. Her condition is unknown.

It’s a sad day when someone is killed trying to fend off danger that sprung upon them out of no where, and for seemingly no reason other than common thuggary. These teens ruined a life and a family, and caused an accident that injured another.

The homeowner, a 63-year-old man, lived his whole life and survived who knows what, only to be taken down by some teens with no where to go in life. It’s an incredibly sad story all around, and it shows us the sad reality that even being armed isn’t a guarantee that we’ll make it out alive.

As for the teenage thugs, let’s hope that an example is made of them and they are not shown any leniency by a judge and/or jury. They need to be put away for good, and there is no reason why they should see the light of day again. At that age, you’re old enough to know right from wrong, and no excuse is good enough in my book.

Take these thugs off the streets, and any others like them. Their way of life needs to end, and the citizens of this Country are sick and tired of their complete disregard for life and law.

One neighbor realized the reality of what had happened, saying “It’s just sad to see. You don’t think it happens until you look into the street behind you and we went down there to see where it was at and was like wow, it’s right here. You know, a baseball throw from your house.”

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