New York Man Allegedly Uses Discord To Make Mass Shooting Threat

MALNIUS, NEW YORK — A 20-year-old Jamesville man, Zachary Mullen, has been charged with making a terroristic threat after posting plans of a mass shooting at the Tops supermarket in Manlius on Discord, according to a local news outlet.

Following the March 11 incident, an extreme risk protection order was signed by a judge, allowing authorities to confiscate firearms from Mullen’s residence, according to Syracuse.com.

The posted message detailed the location, date, and expected number of victims, reading:

“Location: Tops, Manlius

Date: Next Week

Expected Kills: 1-2.”

Two concerned citizens alerted the Tops store about the threats, with one of them mentioning that Mullen had recently lost a loved one.

The police report indicated that the deceased was an avid hunter. The exact number and type of guns confiscated from Mullen’s residence remain unclear.

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