Home Invasion Goes South for Thug… Learns Lesson of a Lifetime

LIGONIER TOWNSHIP, PA — When a burglar in Ligonier Township, Pennsylvania, tried to break into a house, he couldn’t have known that the intended victim’s brother, who lived right next door and was armed, was ready to ruin his morning.

Family looks out for one another.

As Trib Live reports:

Brian K. Will, 47, of Derry Township allegedly was trying to break in the door of a Binkey Road home about 5:45 a.m. when the occupant called police. According to an affidavit, the occupant’s brother heard the commotion and found Will threatening to kill his brother, township police said.

Investigators found a wire camp saw in Will’s pants pocket and a large machete in his car. Will had previously been told to stay off that property by police, according to the affidavit.

Will is charged with attempted burglary, attempted assault, possession of an instrument of crime, defiant trespass, terroristic threats, criminal mischief and possessing an offensive weapon.

I don’t know if I’ve ever been offended by a machete, but I doubt that will help Will’s case very much.

But seriously — there’s so much wrong with this attack.

First of all, this man was known to police, according to the report, for threatening this exact man. Why Will would then think it wise to loudly threaten a man at a time when plenty of folks are just starting their day is beyond me.

Secondly, if Will was told to stay off that property before, are the odds not in favor of him knowing his brother was next door? That backup was right nearby?

Criminals are so often demonized that we believe them capable of a great deal — in Hollywood, they’re frequently glorified to the level of masterminds. Sometimes, it pays to remember — the average criminal is not the smartest guy or gal around.

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