#DIGTHERIG – Show Us What You Carry And Why

Yes, we’re stealing this idea from our friends at TTAG, but it’s just too good not to. They recently started asking their readers what they carry and why. We’re going to take it just a step further… since we’re all about concealed carry.

We Want To Know:

1. What You Carry (eg, Glock 26)
2. What You Carry It In (eg, Alien Gear IWB Holster)
3. Why You Carry That Particular Gun In That Particular Holster?
4. Then Finally… Show Us A Picture Of Your Rig!

HowTo Submit:


EMAIL: Send us the info to [email protected]

By submitting, you agree to let us post your submission on our website. We will not publish your full name, we will only your first name along with your submission (unless you tell us otherwise).

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