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BAD DGU: ‘Letgo’ Transaction Ends With Shots Fired, Victim Gives Chase In A ‘WHAT NOT TO DO’ Story

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — In a pretty good example of what not to do, a man has a bad ‘Letgo’ encounter that ends with shots fired. For those unfamiliar, Letgo is an app that allows users to sell items locally. When a person is interested, they agree on a location to meet in order to do the exchange. In this case, the item for sale was a laptop for $100. Here is how it went down:
The victim told police he met with two sellers at a location in the 600 block of Utoy Circle SW. He said when he suggested to the men they should exchange the money and the laptop at the same time, one of the men pointed a gun at him and demanded his cash and wallet. The victim told police he attempted to grab his gun in self-defense as one of men fired his weapon which struck the victim’s car. At this time, the victim said he jumped out of the car and began chasing the two men, as they both fired there weapons at each other.
I’m no expert, but getting out of the vehicle and giving chase to people who just shot at you seems like a pretty bad idea. If your vehicle is capable of driving away, then that’s what you do. But instead, this was the result. From the video above, we can see that things look a little off from the beginning. Here are a few things to take note of:
  • The first suspect leans on the car, which is something I wouldn’t let fly. There isn’t a reason for it, and it’s just too close for comfort.
  • The second suspect comes up and walks behind the first, which is weird and suspicious altogether.
  • Meeting at a home is a terrible idea, and the transaction should have been in a public place with people around. If the seller had specified this before agreeing to meet, it’s likely that the meeting would never have taken place at all.
Some things to consider, should you ever transact business in such a way. Meeting strangers for goods and/or cash can always have the potential to turn bad. Quickly.
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