FL Police Publicly Shame Looters On Social Media, One Even Wins A Prize

MIAMI, FLORIDA — A police department in Miami is publicly shaming a group of looters who were caught stealing merchandise from stores, and they have a message for anyone else looking to get caught up in the same line of work.

As wthr.com reports;

Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Rick Maglione said the group was arrested Sunday as the storm roared across South Florida. Maglione called the idea of stealing sneakers during a hurricane “a fairly bad life choice.”

Miami police posted a photo of the suspects sitting in a jail cell to Facebook, where thousands of people have reacted to the public shaming (though police did blur the faces of the suspects).

Fort Lauderdale Police have begun to do the same, taking to Twitter in order to show these thugs that they mean business and are not going to accept this type of behavior.


Home burglaries will continue to be a problem for much of Florida, as many of it’s residents are without power. As the criminals know this, they also know that many neighborhoods will be rather vacant and ripe for the picking. This is a solid reason to take your firearms with you when evacuating, because you don’t want to leave anything like that behind for these thugs to get their hands on.

Fort Lauderdale Police are having as much fun with this as they can be, and they even issued this 20th arrested suspect a special prize.

Hopefully the looting and burglaries will be at a minimum, but let’s all be as safe as possible in the meantime.

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