County In Florida Now Allows Employees To Carry Firearms At Work

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA — If you live in Brevard County and work as a county employee, you can now carry a firearm at work if you have your concealed carry permit. County commissioners unanimously approved the new policy, which is effective immediately.

“This is a fundamental right,” said County Commissioner John Tobia, who proposed the change in the county’s “Zero Tolerance of Workplace Violence” policy.

Before this new adopted policy, only law enforcement and security were able to carry firearms inside county buildings.

The new policy allows the carry of one firearm or one electronic weapon such as a Taser.

“I’m behind this 1,000 percent,” County Commission Vice Chair Kristine Isnardi said. “Your rights shouldn’t stop because you’re coming to work. Everybody has a right to protect themselves.”

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey has said he supports Tobia’s proposal.

Roughly 2,200 employees are affected by this change, and we hope that many of them have their permits and take advantage right away. And, furthermore, it should be the nudge needed for many people to finally take the step to obtaining their permit.

The policy does not, however, override any state laws or statutes that prohibit the carry of firearms in certain locations.

The policy would not apply to places where non-law enforcement personnel already are barred from carrying weapons under state statute, such as in courthouses or courtrooms, sheriff’s stations or precincts, detention centers or jails, polling places or airport passenger terminals, as well as at County Commission meetings.

This is a great policy that we hope other counties will adopt in the near future. As for Brevard County; good job!

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