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Domestic Violence Suspect Shot And Killed By Armed Neighbor

LAS VEGAS, NV — One man was killed after an alleged domestic violence incident went wildly, horribly wrong.

The man who shot the assailant appears to have been moving to the defense of the assailant’s girlfriend, who had asked him for help.

As Las Vegas Now reports:

Police were called to the apartment on Mission Laguna Lane around 10 p.m. Thursday night by a security guard who reported the shooting.

Investigators believe the dead man had been abusing his girlfriend for hours before the shooting. They said the victim had obvious signs of abuse and was bleeding from her face. They also believe the man had kicked down a door inside the couple’s apartment earlier Thursday. Before the shooting, police believe the woman ran from her apartment and found a neighbor she knew in the parking lot. The woman’s long-time boyfriend apparently chased her and got into an argument with the neighbor.

“There was a verbal argument and there was some yelling,” said Metro homicide investigator, Lt. Dan McGrath. “What I was told by the security guard was he told him to back up. He told him to get back or he would get shot.”

Police said that during that confrontation, the neighbor fired one shot, hitting and killing the boyfriend.

Police later said that the boyfriend slain had a history of domestic violence with his girlfriend.

McGrath is now urging people to call the police if they hear or see anything.

“If you hear your neighbors yelling and screaming and fighting, please call the police,” said McGrath according to Las Vegas Now. “That’s our job. We’ll come out… You may end up saving somebody from getting seriously injured or killed.”

That’s part of our job of being responsible citizens — there’s the often poorly-used maxim “if you see something, say something,” and it’s so important that we do.

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