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Failed Home Invasion Leaves One Suspect Dead

JEFFERSON COUNTY, ALABAMA — One man is dead after he and his buddy try to invade a home and rob the people inside. Little did they know that at these intended victims weren’t going down without a fight.

From al.com;

Information at the scene was that the male homeowner and a friend were in a side room of the home visiting. Two armed men forced their way into the door and tried to rob them.

The homeowner and his friend began fighting with the suspects. The homeowner was struck in in the head with a handgun.

After this, a single shot is said to have been fired. That shot found it’s target, and one of the bad guys was pronounced dead at the scene.

It’s unclear whether the gun was taken from the suspect, or if the homeowner had a gun of his own. Or, it could be possible that the gun went off in the hands of the suspect, and he ended up being the unlucky recipient of some deadly lead.

The second suspect ran to a waiting getaway vehicle which was driven by a third suspect. Hopefully, these two remaining thugs will be found and charged with murder, since their buddy failed to live through their stupid decision.

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