Armed Citizen Shoots And Kills Man Attacking 3 Women At Hotel: Police

WACO, TEXAS — In an incident that resulted in a fatality, a man was killed by a passerby who reportedly came to the aid of three women pleading for help in a room at the Hotel Indigo located at 211 Clay Ave. The individual who fired the shot fully cooperated with the authorities and no arrest was made.

The incident unfolded around 3 a.m. when a guest at the hotel was alerted by cries for help resonating through the corridor.

Upon investigating, he discovered a dispute involving a man and three women in one of the rooms. According to a police statement, the guest attempted to intervene, a move which provoked the person initially causing the trouble.

The person causing trouble then turned his aggression toward the intervening guest, triggering him to discharge a single shot.

Emergency services were promptly alerted and arrived on the scene, where they administered lifesaving efforts and transported the shot suspect to a nearby hospital. Despite their efforts, he later succumbed to his injuries.

One of the women involved sustained a minor injury.

As the investigation proceeded, the guest who intervened willingly cooperated and was not arrested.

All the individuals involved were guests at the Hotel Indigo.

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