[VIDEO] Is The .380 Caliber Good Enough For Self-Defense?

One thing is for sure, the great caliber debate will never end. Andrew at GY7vids came up with an idea for a video to try and put the question to rest: Is the .380 caliber effective for use as a self-defense round?
The .380 acp round is one of the smallest Personal Defense rounds available, but like many of you I wonder how effective it actually is?Using of of the most reliable rounds in the personal defense arena, Federal HST, it’s time to see first hand how it does through Ribs & FBI Grade Ballistic Gel.
Federal HST happen to be one of my personal favorites for self-defense rounds, and I’m happy to see him using them in this test. So, take a look at the video above and see how well they performed through a cotton shirt and some ribs in a bag!
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