Crew Member: Halyna Hutchins Was 18 Inches Away From Gun Alec Baldwin Was Holding

In a new interview, a crew member on the set of “Rust” has provided some pretty important information, and he was supposedly just yards away when the fatal shooting of Halyna Hutchins occurred.

Special effects coordinator Thomas Gandy was about four to five yards away from Baldwin and Hutchins before the gun went off on the set of “Rust” on Oct. 21.

“Halyna was telling Alec she wanted to see his thumb working the hammer back to do the shot,” Gandy recalled during ABC’s 20/20 episode “The Deadly Take.”

Hutchins was probably 18 inches or two feet away from the muzzle of the gun when it was fired, according to Gandy.

Alec Baldwin provided statements during his own interview that he claims he didn’t pull the trigger.

These details and more will likely be taken into a courtroom at some point, whether it’s for charges against one or more people, or civil actions. It’s a terrible incident, one that was preventable, which means that someone is accountable.

You can watch the interview and more in The Deadly Take, embedded below.

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